Our Company works on garments, wood products, waste products and US5 dollar store wholesales and retails.

The first our group of companies was founded in Hong Kong in 1974, to produce and export wearing apparels and textiles. We have a total capacity of exceeding 1,500,000 pieces per year, and branch offices in China, Macau, Korea, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and, Cambodia. We handle almost any quality: SILKS, LINENS, COTTONS, SYNTHETICS, BLENDED-FABRICS, SUEDES & LEATHERS, DOWNS. We make all categories of garments, for both ladies, men children, both in woven, knit and hand crochet.

In 1997, we had established branch offices in Toronto and Los Angeles to handle our businesses in Canada and USA.

In 2001, we started our wood board business to export wood boards from Canada, USA, South America into China. We have all species grown in North and South America; Maple, Basswood, Birch, Beech, Oak, Hem Fir, Aspen, Cherry, Ash, Cypress; we even have figured wood and bird¡¦s eye wood. Our prices are all CIF China port ranging from #4 common wood boards at US$170/m3 to FAS-select at over US$1,000/m3. All our woods undergo NHLA inspections before shipment so our quality is guaranteed.

In 2005, we started importing US5 dollar store items into USA and Canada for wholesale and worked as buying agent for 5 dollar store chains across USA and Canada.

In 2006, we ventured into waste products. We import into China waste metals, plastic, paper from Europe, Africa, and America; each shipment is by boat load of 25,000 metric ton.

In the last 30 more years, our motto has always been to we regard our business associates as our partners and friends in hope we can grow together. We welcome all suggestions and criticisms to improve ourselves.